Reflexology and Holistic Therapy

Corporate Reflexology

Hush Hour can offer Reflexology treatments to businesses in Central London.

Long term benefits to both employers and employees are:

  • Reflexology promotes deep relaxation and can help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety which in turn can therefore reduce stress related illness (75% of all illnesses are stress related)
  • Can lead to a reduction in sickness and absenteeism and an increase in productivity
  • Improved resistance to infections and diseases
  • Enhanced concentration, accuracy and efficiency
  • Provision of on-site therapies can be seen as part of a wider stress management and wellness programme, particularly where the principles of ‘Investors in People’ are part of the company’s ethos.
  • Minimum disruption to the working day. Treatments are  carried out in a quiet location within the office building e.g. a medical room
  • Minimal cost to company – employees pay for treatment whilst the company gives them time off during the working day
  • No travelling / time costs for employee and ease of arranging the treatment


Corporate Reflexology is available as 30 minute or 55 minute treatments to fit in with your lunch break/working day. 

Central London  corporate treatment prices are: £50 per 55 minutes / £30 per 30 minute treatment