Reflexology and Holistic Therapy

The reflexology treatment

At your first treatment I will carry out a client consultation and ask you to fill out a form. This gives me a background to your medical history, current health both emotionally and physically, and your life style choices. I will also discuss with you what you hope reflexology can do for you. This is important as it then allows me to take a tailored approach to your course of treatments.

Following the consultation you can relax and enjoy your treatment. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks, and I will gently cleanse your feet. You will then be reclined in a comfortable treatment chair or bed. During the treatment I will apply gentle pressure to the reflex points on your feet. The treatment itself will last approximately 50 minutes.

After the treatment we will review the areas where sensitivities were found and discuss your experience.  You may feel drowsy and experience tingling sensations, feel energized or even emotional – these are all normal reactions and indicate that the treatment has being effective. After the treatment it is important to drink plenty of water as Reflexology increases your circulation and in doing so flushes out toxins, this could mean you experience more trips to the toilet than usual!

It is important to note that Reflexology does not diagnose conditions or claim to cure, this is the domain of medical specialists. However, many health professionals are happy for Reflexology to be used alongside conventional medicine as it can play a valuable part in your treatment.